Friday, September 3, 2010

Patterns, Ordinal Numbers and the First 3 Vowels

Annie has really done well this week. She has been learning the short vowel sounds for A, E and I and really digs reading. She seems to really like Math, since it is very hands-on. We've learned about ordinal numbers and we have been working on counting/displaying numbers with tally sticks, which is preparing her for the use of the AL Abacus next week. She totally gets patterns when we are practicing with colored tiles. I can start any type of pattern and she will finish it; however, when I showed her patterns using the tally sticks it was really difficult for her. I made the pattern going from left to right and when it was her turn to continue the pattern she tried to put the next tally stick under or over another one, which is her creative side coming out. She was visualizing something completely different than what I was trying to teach her. She wanted to put things that she didn't understand into a different context, which made sense to her. That's our Annie, though. She is a visual learner who has a gift working with shapes and color. Things that require imagination are a strength for her. However, the closer to analytical thinking (Mommy likes this way!) we get, the closer to creative reasoning she gets.

Throughout the day we'll often talk about what we've been learning. By last night she was grasping the concept much easier.

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