Monday, August 22, 2011

It's Almost Time!

To Rock and Roll, that is! We are gearing up for another fun-filled homeschooling year! Annaliese has come so far...and I think this year will be even greater than last. She is writing and reading more and more on her own...I'm just so proud. I think our "official" year will begin after Labor Day. Today we had a little adventure and went to the local teacher store. Holy Moly! It was so fun. I used to love setting up my classroom at the school, and I felt that same giddiness as I planned for this year with my own children. We are psyched. This year Annie's father is also taking a part in the homeschooling adventure! He is such a great, natural teacher! We are thrilled at how everything is working out.

Nature/Science School, Dance, Violin and Art Classes are a few extra-curricular things on the agenda for the year! We'll be traveling lots, as well.

In the next week I will be deciding on our "schedule" and curriculum. Last year I mixed and matched quite a bit. I'll most likely do that again this year. Still lots to decide on and organize! Anyone out there with K-1 children?

Stay tuned!