Thursday, February 17, 2011

Addition, Place Value and Symmetry

It just blows me away to see how much Annie can learn at such a young age. She is reading books, writing beautiful letters and diving into math. It is so fun and such a blessing for me to do this with her.

So this week we're still learning about place value, tens and ones. These place-value cards are so neat. I wish I would have used them with my second graders when I taught.

Today we picked these dandelions and incorporated lots of different concepts. We grouped them in tens, counted them by 2s, talked about the soil outside, danced with them, and Annie told a story about them. I love days like that...when it just flows.

Today was also the day we introduced the Geometry reflector and talked about symmetry. Annaliese cut out several different shapes and we folded them along their lines of symmetry, while also reviewing parallel lines.

I feel like we're finally getting back into a good groove with our schedule. Every day is definitely an adventure!! And sometimes a CrAzY one!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Part-Whole Circles and Recording Tens

After a couple of weeks of road-tripping and focusing on handwriting and reading, we jumped right back into math. We've been working on solving story problems by partitioning into parts. According to RightStart, research in the US shows that kindergartners who use the part-whole circle concept are better able to solve problems. The one we are using is a modification of one used by Japanese teachers. Here is Annaliese practicing this application as I read her the story problems.

We've also begun discussing place value. This week we are focusing on recording and recognizing written 10s. Our abacus and place-value card manipulatives are excellent for this.

And, of course, no homeschooling day is complete without little Maggie doing something memorable. This day she was a black swan princess on her green bike...and of course, pulling her green frog behind her (she had it tied to her bike)! ;)