Thursday, September 23, 2010

On a roll

Annaliese is doing great with her lessons. In math we have been learning how to use tally marks and the beads on the abacus. She has learned all about parallel and perpendicular lines and can identify them in the real world. She can pick out a quadrilateral and is working on ordering. We have even begun skip counting, which she loves because it has the word "skip" in it. ha!

She is loving reading. Now that she knows her vowels she is having a great time figuring out 3-4 letter words. Her handwriting is coming along pretty slowly. She does pretty well in the lesson, but applying it in real life is taking a bit longer. She still writes her name with backward Ns even though we have learned how to properly form them. It just takes practice I guess! She is also writing her name backwards, but I've read that this is fairly common with left-handed children. She loves read-aloud time and we do a ton of it. She's reading The Tale of Despereaux with her daddy and really gets into that story.

Here is a picture of her working on her ordering skills using tally mark cards.

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