Thursday, September 30, 2010

"I Love You Mommy Teacher"

These are the words that tell me Annaliese is where she needs to be right now. :) She loves our time of homeschooling and begs me to do it. I love that. She loves to tell people what she's learning and is eager to share her skills....most of the time. We have been doing lot's of review in HWT (Handwriting Without Tears) of the first 8 or 9 letters and she's really getting good at forming those letters. She likes to tape little "Keep Out" signs on the door for Maggie, and now instead of little scribbles she uses the letters that she has learned how to write. haha! It's so cute, though.

In RightStart Math we are learning so much. It amazes me how much her little mind can soak up....and remember! The program does a lot of looping so you are reviewing constantly. Here she is showing me what a parallel line and a perpendicular line look like.

She then was able to draw me a full page of different colored quadrilaterals without me reminding her of what they were. She's learning how to add quantities to 10. Here she is playing a memory/matching game. The cards have pictures of the abacus beads and she had to match the numbers.

Reading is my favorite time with her. I don't think there is anything more joyous than being able to teach your own child how to read and see their little face light up when they sound out a word! She is still reading little books that focus on the short A and short E sound.

Here's a little picture of her latest creation. She takes care of this garden and is so proud when she gets some little veggies! We were especially excited to see this little pepper because this plant has been having some struggles. Good job Annie!

Today we're headed to the Arboretum for some fun in the sun and to see the pumpkin patch! :)

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  1. That is AWESOME!! She is so smart and that is so wonderful that you can spend this time together. I'm jealous :)