Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A is for Art

Art is fun. Art is messy....period. As a daughter of a very artistic father I have a strong belief that art is so beneficial...especially in young children and I will make it a huge component of our homeschooling program. Through art, children learn to identify colors, cause-and-effect, shapes, problem solving, sharing and cooperation among many other skills. Although I don't typically love a big mess I always have to remember that by allowing my children to experience art in their own way, I am letting them show me how they think and feel and how they see the world around them.

When Annie and I are busy doing lessons, I let almost two-year old little Maggie put her sweet little hand (although she starts with a paint brush) in a tub of finger paint and she happily smears all of the colors together on the paper (or table, or herself)....and she is creating her own little masterpiece.

Art is important for young children because of the way it makes them feel about themselves. When my children finish an art project and they are so excited to show me their masterpiece with a beaming smile it makes us all feel so good. When I watch my girls doing an art project I see they are not only learning to think and illustrate the world around them in their own interpretations and thoughts, but they are learning to take great pride in their accomplishments.

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