Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Right Start Mathematics

Annaliese was so excited (I was, too!) when our math curriculum arrived in the mail. She's had the best time exploring each of the manipulatives and asking about each one.

If you are just beginning with Pre-K, like us, don't feel like you have to have a purchased curriculum. Pre-K is still about having fun and learning while playing. There are so many ways we incorporate math in what we do every day from cooking to playing to helping mommy measure in her shop, etc. We will still do that; Annie is just so into "school". She is so ready. She wants to learn it all NOW.

There are many great math curriculums out there. I was in a toss-up between Right Start Mathematics, Singapore Math, and Saxon Math. I decided on Right Start Mathematics based on Annie's personality and learning style. It is an Asian-based Mathematics program and encompasses all elementary grades up through Algebra. It is a hands-on, research-based approach to mathematics using the AL abacus, which is an abacus that is grouped in fives and tens to encourage quantity recognition and visual perception. You can learn more about Right Start Mathematics here.

She is very eager to begin...my goal time is to begin on Monday.

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