Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Learning about Money and Reflections

We are learning about the value of a penny and a nickel, and the term cent. Annaliese caught on quickly to this. However, I think I need to pay with cash more so she actually sees this in the real world. I always tend to use a debit card, so her concept of money is probably a little vague. When she and Maggie play "store", they are always sliding a card to pay and typing in a pin number. Ha!

We are also learning about reflections and building those on a geoboard...she loves this. As we're working with the geoboard I throw in the terms symmetrical and reflection. Another thing that has helped her grasp this concept is working with her favorite things...pictures of butterflies!

Over the past couple of weeks she has moved into the stage where she tries to read every sign and word she sees. This is so cute. She is actually doing a great job. Of course, we haven't gotten anywhere near learning about the crazy rules of the English language. So, when she's trying to sound out the word, height, for example, it makes no sense to her. I can't say it makes much sense to me either, though.

Happy First Day of March!! :)

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