Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Annaliese loves to write. She keeps a little journal and writes whenever she gets a chance. Of course, she's not really spelling any words, but she is using letters and punctuation! I can't get over this little girl's imagination. She knows exactly what she's writing. ;) And she creates these beautiful, thoughtful stories and screenplays! Yesterday it was her idea to make sock puppets...and we're going to make a wooden stage and sew some little curtains so they always have a place to perform. And she told me exactly how we'd build the stage and how we would sew the curtains. Love it. I love how she thinks outside the box in each of her tasks.

I've posted a little sampling of her handwriting here. She's doing a great job.

And we're in desperate need of some sunshine here!! And warm weather again. :) What happened to spring?

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