Wednesday, June 29, 2011


With the summer break comes time to refreshen our thoughts! My idea was to continue with curriculum throughout the summer. That changed a little. Yes, every day is a homeschooling day for us, but we are not sitting at the table with our books. We are having some great adventures, exploring the world around us and traveling here and there. With this, it has enlightened me, as well. Annie seems to be completely in her element when we are doing experiential education. As with most kids, she relates to it and can have an immediate understanding and just makes sense. Once the official school year begins again, we will still focus on a curriculum and have some sit-down time, but we will most definitely be spending much more time focusing on the world around us. :)

I'm also working on getting our house organized. Since we are all at a small home...we have to utilize every square inch of our space. I am de-cluttering, removing anything that has no purpose. I am in simplifying mode!! I keep all of our homeschooling supplies in an armoire cabinet, and we only pull out what we need when we need it. We use the whole house as our homeschooling headquarters. So, it's very important to me that we all have space to move and THINK without clutter. How do you organize your home for ease? Anything you can share? I love collaborating and getting new ideas. :)

Hope you're having a great summer!!!

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