Saturday, December 11, 2010

Back to the Books!

We have been on the go for a couple of weeks, and now we are back in a routine 'of sorts' for a little while! This week we've been having fun with letters and reading, especially. I am so proud of Annaliese. She is able to sound out and spell so many words.

In this activity I would ask her questions about a letter and then she got to color the letter. For example, I would ask her, "Which letter sound do you hear at the end of the word LION?" She would tell me, "N". She is really good at recognizing letter sounds. But, she did ask me, "Why does CAT start with a C and KITTEN starts with a K?". Oh my goodness, if I only knew that answer!! You never realize how silly the english language is until you are teaching someone to read. So many of the rules do not make sense and do not carry through for many words. How about the pronunciation of the words, HEIGHT and WEIGHT, or the spelling and pronunciation of the word COLONEL? I could go on and on. ;)

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