Sunday, October 10, 2010

Teaching Through Cooking

Last week we decided to take our math lessons out of our classroom and into the kitchen. Annie is learning how to properly use the measuring spoons and cups to cook/bake her favorite treats. She is doing most of it on her own now with my supervision. She even "doubled" a recipe all be herself! She was making pudding and wanted to make a little extra, so she figured out how to add the numbers together to get her recipe doubled.

Teaching cooking concepts incorporates all five senses into an awesome learning experience. I've said it before, but Annaliese is a very hands-on learner and it definitely helps to make the lessons/concepts more real to her if I teach her in a way that incorporates the use of her five senses. It is not always a neat process, but making tasty treats is a fun way to get lots of important concepts taught! :)

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